Owning Property In The Bahamas

Historically, the islands of The Bahamas have seen incredible development over the past decade with some properties experiencing double digits growth over the years. With its tax benefits, stable government, dedication to economic development and safe environment, purchasing real estate in the Bahamas can be a lucrative option for preserving wealth today.

Key benefits to owing property in The Bahamas include:

  • Stable environment (stable political system and trusted legal system)
  • Purchasing income property in the Bahamas, whether for short – or long-term rental, can be an excellent investment strategy.
  • The Bahamian dollar is pegged to the US Dollar.
  • No restriction on foreign property ownership.
  • The Bahamas are an offshore finance center with over 250 banks and trust companies.
  • No income taxes for revenue generated by property ownership.
  • No capital gains taxes for property transfers.
  • One time transfer tax at time of purchase.
  • Guaranteed Title through a land registration process, with US Title Insurance available.

The Bahamas Ministry of Works oversees all development plans to ensure the highest standards of land use and construction. Building codes follow South Florida construction standards.

Individuals can purchase a home under an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

With an investment in real estate in The Bahamas, there are:

  • No Income Taxes on revenue generated from property
  • No Estate Taxes
  • No Inheritance Taxes

A Permanent Residency Certificate can be achieved with a real estate investment.

As with any investment, buyers should consult with legal counsel and financial advisors.